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Our Work

Before you decide to work with us, take a look at what we have done so far. These are just some of our projects, and some are under the NDA.

Website for property sale

Website was done for property owners who sells 59677 m² Land near International Airport “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade, Serbia

Website for a multi-million company

The website was built for the CEO and founder of this US-based company, as well as an additional internet presence and search engine optimization.

Faktor M Kozmetika

E-commerce for Faktor M Cosmetics

The simple internet presence with e-commerce was established for a small business from Niš, Serbia. Faktor M Cosmetics ffers a large choice of 100% natural and handmade cosmetic products, such as shampoos, creams, products based on green clay and zeolite.

Balkanska Medicinska Unija sajt

Balkan Medical Union | Serbia

Simple and informative website for Balkan Medical Union in Serbia. Allows everyone to be informed about most popular topics about medicine. For medical professionals interested to join, there will be created application form. Website is still under production.

Internet presence for Hromos

The complete internet presence was established for a medium-sized company from Trstenik, Serbia. Hromos deals with equipping and maintaining the infrastructure of dairies, water and food production facilities.

#1 Permanent Make-up Academy in USA

Our most demanding and satisfied client. This company is a U.S. leader in the industry of permanent make-up and product suppliers. Several online courses, web shops, several sites, landing pages and subsites have been created for the client, we provide constant technical support, SEO, business assistance, as well as support in sales and marketing process. This company is growing day by day and we are happy to be on this journey together.

eCommerce solution for beauty company

PMU Professional is a 2019 company that aims to become a global leader in the retail and wholesale of products for the beauty industry. In addition to creating ecommerce website, WebSpark provides constant technical and sales support as well as running social networks profiles and SEO campaigns.

Website creation and basic SEO

We are proud of a small and relatively new company with a lot of experience in their business. In addition to the website that was created, we’ve build basic internet presence and basic SEO as the client requested.

Complete eCommerce solution

Steam Shop Serbia is the main and the only trusted provider of digital codes for Steam, Origin and uPlay platforms in Serbia. Steam Shop Serbia has entrusted us with complete eCommerce management since 2016.

Small eCommerce solution

A small and fully functional eCommerce website designed for social network marketing purposes.

Personal website for beauty specialist

Danijela won the 1st place in the Advance Microblading category at the International 2018 PMU Congress in Las Vegas. Danijela is the Founder and CEO of big beauty school in Chicago, IL a Permanent Makeup Academy that has been recognized by IBHE.

Simple eCommerce shop

Simple and minimalist design of the online store done at the request of the client. Brojanica Shop sells primary prayer beads, icons, badges, pendants, and the similar products. Their new focus is wholesale.

Minimal blog about air quality

A simple design blog was created to study and spread information about the effects of polluted air on our health.

Artist and school directory

PMU Spot is a database of PMU technicians and training centers all around the world. Anyone can find the closest place to schedule a treatment offered by businesses that advertise on a PMU Spot. Number of listings grows day by day.